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What is frozen yogurt?

What is frozen yogurt?

Fyc frozen yogurt with praline, grated cookies and truffle chocolates

Frozen yogurt is a product obtained from curdled milk and fermented with two bacteria causing lactic fermentation that converts lactose into lactic acid. So milk gets thick texture and slightly sour flavor and yogurt is created. It is a light, highly nutritious and easily digested food and with milk they are the principal source of calcium.The bBacteria it contains, restore the balance of intestinal flora and help fight obesity. Yogurt contributes to the development of the skeletal system, strengthens bone mass, accelerate the process of digestion and fortifies our immune system.

It is gluten free, thus can be consumed also by people having intolerance to it.

Here at Frozen Yogurt Café we take yogurt very seriously and so our quality is unbeatable. We are unique because our preparation room is open to customer view. We ensure that you will taste natures best

We pasterize the milk, having invested heavily in the sole aim of ensuring the high quality we approve. A gift from us to you, for surrounding us with honor and trust from when we first opened. Thank you for that!

Raw materials and preparation in conjunction with the environment and taste create a new taste and a different feel from everything you knew so far. A newfound sense of freshness and strength. We know that very well in Frozen Yogurt Café and that is where we base our great success. We know that we offer a delicious product that keeps you fit and helps you look healthy and beautiful.

Frozen yogurt is the healthiest nutritional proposal that elevates the taste. It is light, cool and has the texture of ice cream. Served with a variety of fresh fruits, cereals, nuts, chocolate, syrups, jams, as garnish in waffles or pancakes and an ideal solution for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Is it fattening?

Frozen yogurt has low fat. It contains significantly less fat than that of ice cream. When made from skim milk it has no fat, whereas when it is made from whole milk, it is estimated that a normal portion has no more than 3 grams of fat. An amount of 100 grams is about 90-100 calories, but those calories do not get stored in the body, and are mainly carbohydrates.



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