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Fyc frozen yogurt with fruit

Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is the healthiest nutritional proposal that elevates the taste. It is light, cool and has the texture of ice cream. Enjoy straight or with various toppings of your choice from the wide selection available! Fruits, pralines, nuts, sweets and much more will make your frozen yogurt a wonderful dining experience!

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Waffle with chocolate, strawberries and fyc frozen yogurt


Our waffles made with the freshest ingredients, come to sweeten your walk downtown and/or to help you rest for a while! With a full range of sweet toppings, fresh fruit and of course frozen yogurt, we are able to provide you a unique sense of freshness and renewal!

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Fruit smoothies


Smoothies resemble milkshakes and are made with fresh fruit of your choice, concentrated juices and frozen yogurt. Smoothies meet the requirements of the most demanding customers in terms of their nutritional values. So we have smoothies for energy, breakfast and dieting! The only thing left, is for you to come and enjoy them!!!

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Fyc frozen yogurt, on waffle pieces, with strawberries and grated cookies


When on a good mood, we create! Frozen yogurt on a big tasty biscuit, pieces of brownies or pieces of waffle and everything else that comes to our mind!

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Birthday cake made of fyc frozen yogurt, with caramel syrup and nuts


Cakes for the lovers of frozen yogurt! For birthdays, holidays or just because you love frozen yogurt!

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Fyc frozen yogurt with dark chocolate praline, quince jam and grated oreo

Pyramid of delight

Pyramid of delight! Our delicious frozen yogurt with three layers of toppings of your choice! For our fans who always want more!

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Cup of cappuccino


In regards to our coffee, we work with the company Lavazza which is our choice for espresso amongst other things!!! With respect to our customers and dedication to quality, we offer drinks of the leading companies, in really friendly prices. By not making compromises on our quality we have gained your trust and we thank you for that!

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Hot mint tea


Tea, cold or hot, in an array of flavors that will fascinate you!

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Hot chocolate with marshmallows


Our chocolate is Italian and you can taste it hot or cold, with whipped cream or frozen yogurt! By not compromising quality, we know you trust us and we thank you for that!

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Strawberry slushies in glasses


Refreshing fruity slushies full of taste! For the hot summer and all year round!

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Fresh orange juice


Freshly squeezed orange juice and flavored juice boxes await you in our store, to refresh you and fill you up with energy!

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Toast with cheese, tomato and lettuce


Toast made of products of high quality, for a healthy snack!

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